As Easter approaches (April 8th), we want to prepare ourselves spiritually for what is to come. We don’t want this to be just another day that we celebrate but that we would be changed because of the truth that our Savior lives! So what are we going to do?

First let’s pray.

Let’s pray that God would show us the power of His resurrection. Let’s also pray to God that He would draw our family, friends, roommates, co-workers, closer to himself over the next couple of weeks.
Think about people that God has placed in your life now. We often pray for people to share our faith with and they are right in front of us.
Write down five names of people that you thought of. The challenge is that we don’t see these people as projects, but as people that we want to know the love and life of Christ.

Second let’s invite.

Pray for these people over the next two weeks and if they live in the area invite them to church with you on Easter Sunday.
Also, on Sunday April 1st we will meet at the church at 5 p.m. and pass out invitations to those in the community for church on Easter Sunday.

Third let’s prepare.

It would be so easy to let this Easter come and go and we miss the power and meaning of this event. We want to have a real encounter with Christ this Easter. To do this, starting on April 1st we will be walking through the last week of Christ together. We will provide a study guide that will have daily readings of Christ’s last week on earth.

On April 6th, Good Friday, we will be celebrating Christ at the last supper and his crucifixion. On Sunday, April 8th, we will have our Easter Service where we celebrate that our Savior conquered the grave. Following the Easter service we will have an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Calendar of Events:

March 25: Begin praying daily for those in your life to draw close to Christ
April 1: Begin Daily Reading Study Guide for Passion Week
In the evening meet at the church to pass out invitations in the community
This week ask your friends to join you at CrossRoads to celebrate Easter

April 6: Worship Night at the Church as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and the Cross.
7:30 p.m.

April 8: EASTER