This Sunday…

Hey guys… Just an update. This Sunday the entire service will be centered around communion. We are asking as you come into worship that you come up another set of stairs in the church and when you enter into the sanctuary that you would enter in silence.

Also there will be a time during the service where you will be able to share how God has met you this week. Our focus of the change your world area will be Rob and Yoko Taylor who are missionaries in Japan. We are hoping to raise $500 to give to that ministry. The money in particular will go not directly to Rob and Yoko, however it will go to a local pastor in Japan who works full time as one of the only pastor’s in this area of Japan and becuase the church is so small he does not get paid. The entire gift will be given to this pastor as a way to help with his expenses.

WOW, what a cool thing. We are going to give money to a pastor thousands of miles away, who most likley we will never meet, however we get the opportunity to encouage, invest, and help, a small group of our brothers and sisters in Christ, in the country of Japan. Praise God.

Come willing to share. Come willing to give. Come willing to worship.